Forest Management Services in Boise, ID

Red Truck Wildfire will be hiring Fire Fighters and Engine Bosses for the fire season.

We operate type 4 and type 6 forest fire engines. Men and women are encouraged to apply.

NOTE: If you are new and have not completed the Basic Fire course, feel free to apply. We will be happy to consider you pending course completion.

All employees will be subject to drug screening before and during the fire season.

To apply to work with us, please fill out the following forms, and be prepared to provide COPIES of your certifications. Nothing you give us will be returned, so please NO ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES.  Fill out the following forms and deliver or mail them to the company address below.

PO BOX 191073
BOISE, ID  83709

2020 New Employment Application Forms

Requirements for beginning fire fighting and where to take fire courses

If you are looking for information on requirements for beginning fire fighting and where to take fire courses, we recommend the Treasure Valley Community College programs or the College of Western Idaho programs. You can contact Treasure Valley Community College at (541) 881-5757 or [email protected]. Information can also be requested from the National Interagency Fire Center.

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